My large extended family has always celebrated the honor of motherhood and the arrival of newborns. From a very young age, I was enamored with the rituals and energy surrounding birth. My curiosity deepened upon studying comparative maternity care models in college, and developed into a sincere passion for birth education and supporting women.

In 2007 I moved to Los Angeles to work in entertainment.  As a sideline, I looked after babies and was often referred to clients with newborns. I eventually found more fulfillment supporting families and new mothers, and naturally made the decision to become a full time doula. 

My focus is woman-centered care; which simply does not exist in the hospital system.

 I absolutely LOVE what I do. I invite everyone embrace the sacred magic of birth.


I live in Laurel Canyon with my husband.  Besides being obsessed with our birth culture;  I’m into comedy, interior design, and mindfully cultivating my birth keeper lifestyle.